Rubber Moulding Components

At Hytech Precision Plastic Bangalore, we Manufacture High Quality and Long losting Rubber Moulding Components in Bangalore. At our Bangalore office we have in house facility, professional engineers and decades of quality experience in manufactuering Solar Rubber Moulding components and Drip Irrigation rubber moulding Components. We produce wide variety and differenet dimenstions of rubber components that solar water heater and Drip Irrigation requires. For Solar we manufacture rubber Moulding Components such as Silicone Washers,Tube Block Top Washers, Grommet and gas kits. Hytech Precision plastic is leading manufacturers of Rubber Moulding Components in Bangalore from last few years.

Silicone Washer 58 ø

Tube Block Top Washer 47 ø

Tube Block Top Washer 58 ø

Silicone Washer 47 ø

Grommet 25 mm

Grommet 30 mm

Open Grommet

Grommet 45 mm

Open Gas kit

Dummy Gas kit

Dummy Growmet

Plastic Channel Cover